Is storing my child's cord blood right for my family?

The decision to bank your baby's cord blood stem cells is an important one and can be made only by you – the parents. It's a unique opportunity for family members to take advantage of new treatments resulting from stem cell research. Moreover, you only get one chance!

How do I get my cord blood to you?

After the cord blood is collected in the Cryoviva's Collection kit (ordered by you beforehand), a friend or family member must notify Cryoviva at the number(s) given in this website. Cryoviva will arrange a courier service for the pickup at the hospital directly.

Does the collection hurt my baby or me?

No. The collection process is risk-free and painless to both you and your baby as the cord blood is collected after the baby is delivered and the umbilical cord has been clamped. It is virtually risk-free because it is not an invasive procedure to you or your baby.

When should I enroll?

We encourage expectant mothers to enroll no sooner than your 28th week of pregnancy.

Who collects my baby's cord blood?

Typically, cord blood is collected by your attending physician.

Who can use the preserved stem cells?

The preserved stem cells are available as a perfect match for the child from whose umbilical cord they were collected. Because there is an increased chance of a match with a sibling, parents may choose to make the stem cells available to siblings or other family members who may need them. That decision is yours to make.

How successful are cord blood stem cell transplants?

Cord Blood Stem Cell transplants are known to be as successful as transplants using stem cells harvested from bone marrow and in many cases are preferred to bone marrow stem cells as they are juvenile stem cells. Moreover, cord blood has other significant advantages over bone marrow, including the ease of collection, better tolerance of HLA mismatches.

Why is Cryoviva my best option to store my baby's stem cells?

Cryoviva is a pioneer and leader in cord blood banking. Our state-of-the-art facility has the best equipment and systems to process, test and preserve your baby's cord blood stem cells.

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