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Cryoviva Headquarter at Gurgaon Cryoviva, a globally accredited stem cell bank, Head quartered in Singapore , enjoying the trust of over one lac parents who have banked their children's stem cells with the company. Cryoviva was founded in 2006 by RJCorp. The company is focused on providing high-quality umbilical cord blood stem cell processing, and storage for both private family use and public donation purposes. With state-of-the-art laboratory in India, Thailand and Singapore and a network spread over 150 service centers in the country & Global footprints.

Cryoviva Gulf started its operations in GCC in 2010; Cryoviva has thousands of satisfied clients across different nationalities and cultures in GCC as well apart from Thailand, Singapore and India. Cryoviva is also the globally accredited stem cell bank with certifications from international organizations for standards, services and protocols. Cryoviva is the only player in South Asia which is providing internationally recommended technologies for cell processing and tissue culturing like Sepax (Swiss Made Technology) and Explant (US Technology).

Cryoviva's Objective is to be the largest inventory holder of cord blood stem cells in Asia for both family storage & public donation. Have a multi cord blood banks all over to have stem cell inventory, covering maximum ethnicities.

Cryoviva has an independent Research & Development Centre which is recognized by DSIR (GOI). Scientists trained in premier research institutes in USA are carrying out cutting edge research programs. New research projects have been initiated towards development of efficient techniques and technologies in field of stem cells. Research initiatives include novel Cellular therapy products and services for application in Clinical Research and Therapies for a wide range of diseases. Techniques and technologies for long term preservation of DNA, RNA, Human cells and tissues for bio-banking and bio-medical research applications are being developed. Development of new diagnostic techniques, bio-markers and diagnostic test kits for clinical use or research use is proposed.

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