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Importance of Cord blood banking

Cord blood banking has become a topic of discussion among the masses. People are willing to know more and more about these banks, and about their process and facilities. Couples expecting babies are educating themselves regarding these banks and the future advantages of storing the cords. If you are expecting, storing his/her cord can be the most priceless gift you can give to your baby. With the advancement in medical science, investing money in these cord banks is totally worth the high price. They may be expensive but the lifetime support, which they provide by storing the cord blood, is invaluable. It is kind of a health insurance of the entire family.

Both public and private banks are available in the market; the primary difference is that the private banks are quite expensive whereas in public banks you can donate a cord free of cost. Though donating a blood cord in a public bank is free, it has a risk since in the future, there is no guarantee that you may retrieve your specimen. There are chances that someone else may have used it because in public banks, these cords are given for treatments as per the requirements of the patients. Thus, leaving you with nothing at the time of need can be a sad thing. So if you want to donate your child’s cord, talk to your doctor. They can suggest the best company for the collection.

If you are financially capable of taking the cord blood banking facility for your baby then there are a number of private banks available in the market. Do research before finalizing any bank; it will help you in knowing their status and standing in the market. Select a few banks, talk to their representatives so that you can get all the details required for the process. Try to select the one that has performed more successful stem cell transplants as the prices are mostly same among the good, reputed banks. The most costly part is the first year as the total cost of collection and initial storing is more than the later annual storage charges.

Parents should register themselves with their selected company, so that they can send their professionals to collect the blood from the umbilical cord after the baby is born. It does not interfere with the birth in any way, and it is a painless procedure. The blood should be collected within 10 to 15 minutes of birth, so all the arrangements must be done well ahead of time. Approximately 80ml of blood is collected, and after collection, the blood is sent for processing and is stored in frozen form.  Many cord blood banking companies allow gift registry, in which family members and friends can contribute to the expense. It’s a great way of ensuring a good life to your child and to the entire family.

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