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Know the facts of Cord Blood Banking

In the ultra modern world of sciences, we have seen numerous advancements for treatment of some serious diseases and other health problems which include some controversial and forefront technologies. These technologies involve around stem cell banks and their unlimited potential for treatment of critical illnesses. At this point, let us take a look at one of the major concern i.e. cord blood banking.

What is cord blood banking?

Well it is clear from the name that the process of cord blood banking uses the blood derived from the umbilical cord of an infant. This cord has a very rich supply of fresh stem cells and is executed in hospitals for the treatment of many diseases like arthritis. It can be maneuvered to form various organs, tissues, blood and blood products that a human body needs to survive for long and to avoid diseases like osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. These cells have a unique ability to acquire the shape and structure. The functioning of the cells has proven to be effective at annulling the violating damages of some diseases.

According to the researchers it could cure many diseases for example leukemia and other diseases like brain injuries. To cure such diseases, Umbilical cord blood is brought into play as it is full of valued stem cells. Disease like Spastic paralysis has been treated in successful manner with these cells. With the continuation of research, it is believed to cure many more diseases such as spinal cord injury and treatment of arthritis in joints. This research is at the forefront of medicine and there are tremendous theories for new medicinal modalities for diseases with the use of stem cells.

Detachment of umbilical blood is completely painless to both mother and child. Many people are interested in donating their child’s cord blood for the public use. In that case, they inform the doctors and choose the bank of their own choice in the 34th week of the pregnancy. As a result, the professionals form cord blood banking approach you to collect the umbilical cord after the detachment from the placenta.

Stem cell transplantation presents lifesaving cure procedure for thousands of patients with those having immune system and fatal blood disorders. Stem Cell Banking in India is also seeking to bring the treatment for various diseases through distinct stem cell transplantation by rendering access to stem cells. Initially, it will use umbilical cord blood and will sooner or later establish an adult stem cell patron registry, which is quite similar to the registries in most highly-developed countries

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