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Are you breastfeeding ? Avoid these 8 foods

Are you breastfeeding ? Avoid these 8 foods

If you are a new mom then you must be particular about what to eat and what not to eat. As whatever you take would directly affect your bundle of joy, if you are breastfeeding. It is said that babies should exclusively be on breastfeed till first 6 months as it contains more than 200 components, which is nutritious and helps in baby’s overall development.

What to avoid while breastfeeding ?

  • Say no to alcohol
    If you consume alcohol, it can cause decreased milk-ejection. For the baby it results in drowsiness, abnormal weight gain, weakness, etc. For a new mom, stress is possible but it’s best to opt for massage or spa rather than consuming a glass of alcohol.
  • Cut the caffeine
    The caffeine through breast milk can make your baby fussy. Caffeine drinks cause problems like irritation, grumpiness and sleeplessness in the baby. The best solution is to cut back on your favorite cups of coffee or tea. At a minimum, try to have the drink after completing the feeding session.
  • Chocolate!!!
    Just like coffee and tea, chocolates also contain a large amount of caffeine. Thus, it’s best for you to opt for chocolates with less caffeine and that too in small amounts after the feeding session.
  • Citrus Fruits
    They contain certain compounds which lead to diaper rash and fussiness in some babies. If you find the symptoms in your baby then you should avoid such fruits. You can take other vitamin c-rich foods or supplements for compensating the need.
  • Don’t pick peanuts
    If you or any of your family members is having peanut allergies, then be cautious before adding them in your daily diet during breastfeeding. Keep a check; if you find symptoms like rash, eczema, hives or wheezing in your baby after having peanuts, then stop having them.
  • Gassy vegetables
    Some of the vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, etc. can cause gas problems in babies, which leads to sleepless nights and fussiness. Rather than banning these vegetables, try to take them in very small amounts and that too cooked.
  • Garlic can smell!!
    The aroma of garlic can end up in your breast milk up to two hours of having the meal. For some babies, the flavor of garlic is not an issue but for some the aroma can cause problems of not feeding.
  • Peppermint
    No doubt, peppermint tea has some soothing powers but some of its compounds can cause reduction in milk production. Therefore, during breastfeeding, you can take chamomile tea, the components in this tea has calming effects on the baby.
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