Explant Technology

The Proprietary “Explant Technique” used by Reviva Cell is a non - enzymatic method of culturing the tissues in most natural condition, to ensure a better yield of highly viable cells for effective therapeutic applications.

“Reviva Cell recommends pre cryostorage cell culture to ensure maximum cell viability, and avoid the post storage tissue loss of the most precious cord tissue MSCs.

This also ensure that the cells are readily available to the family in case of any medical emergency.”

Comparison of Technologies

Cell Count
Cell Viability
Cell Potency
Akin to natural cell proliferation
Higher yield per cm of Umbilical Cord
Better viability
Cells with highest regeneration potential proliferate
Chemicals used – artificial process
5 to 10 times lower yield
Viability compromised as cell surface damage is possible
Cells with lower regeneration potential

Usage Mesenchymal Stem Cells
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